Scott Higgins (AKA Whop) Surf Team Rider


Scott Higgins (AKA Whop)

DOB: 1973
Hobbies: Family, Surfing, Fishing, Cooking.
Occupation: Vegan/Vegetarian Executive Chef
Local Break: Salmon Creek NorCal. OB SanFran. and tracks to Santa Cruz every chance he gets.
Surfing Accomplishments: Mixed results as a amateur and in local Pro comps. At 45yrs old, Scott is still turning heads in the lineup.

Hands down Erie Peeples has a true gift at crafting the best boards that I’ve ever ridden. I’ve always been able to jump from board to board without any adjustment period. His rails and overall designs cut through water making you a better surfer by improving your experience instead of fighting your equipment.


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