Niyah Rosen Surf Team Rider


Niyah Rosen

Hi, my name is Niyah Rosen. I am a 11-year-old competitive surfer in New Smyrna Beach FL. When I’m out of the water and not dominating in the classroom with Straight A’s, I study Ju-jitsu and boxing at the Knockout Artist Gym in New Smyrna. Because of the training and focus I show at everything I do I am blessed to be supported by: Erie Peeples Surfboards, Saltwater Hippie, Daytona Board store, Telic footwear and Flaunt electric bikes.

Surfing is my core. Everything I do outside of the water revolves around surfing. All my training is to make me a stronger, more confident, and smarter surfer in the water. Summers for me consists of Surf Camp with my coach Josh Nicastro, a big surf trip out of the state of Florida, and of course the surf contest’s that happen almost every weekend. The main thing I love about surfing (besides hunting for barrels) is everyone has a different style, which makes everyone a unique surfer. My main inspiration is by far my dad. He pushes me hard because he believes in me and knows that my potential can only be reached with the consistent training of my mind and body in and out of the water.

You can follow my adventures and life accomplishments on Instagram or just come surf with me and my friends… If you can find us!!!!


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