The Grommet Performance Shortboard


The Grommet

Performance Shortboard

Ethan Harbinson’s signature model. I designed this board for Ethan’s aggressive surfing style. We worked hard on getting the perfect nose and tail rocker so Ethan could still paddle his board easily into any wave coming but still be able to fit it in the pocket or most critical part of the wave with out loosing speed and power. This design projects off the bottom turn and excels through his round house cut backs. The single concave bottom makes this board fast and keeps its speed producing high scores while in contest heats. This is a high performance model. Ethan is a Grom thus the name “THE GROMMET” was given to this design but don’t let this design fool you it is not a beginner model. This design has helped Ethan WIN multiple contests and heats even beating competitors much older than him. This is a true short board for the young grommet competitor. Comes in squash, thumb tail and swallow tail. Ethan rides in sizes from 4’6 to 4’10” but can be made up to 5’6″


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