Money Model Wake Surf


Money Model

Wake Surf

This design has Won more money than any other design over the years we have built hence called the (MONEY MODEL) influenced by Ashley Kidd when she was our team rider we were building the AK model for her she won more world titles on this design now with design changes this newer design has all the same features plus a deck grab rail for strength and aerials This design can’t be beat works great on all different types of boat wakes and is the most diverse of all the designs we make. Great for beginners and even better for professionals wanting to win this design can’t be beat take your wake suffering to the next level!!!! Comes in pink or any custom colors we build each and every board by hand custom!!!!

The Money model Is more true to size (keep in mind if you are not an advanced rider I would stick with the middle of the size chart according to your weight). Example: If you are 160lbs and not an advanced rider,I would choose the 4’8”(intermediate advanced level).

Money Model Size Chart

  • 4’5” (95-130lbs)
  • 4’6” (120-155lbs)
  • 4’8” (150-185lbs)
  • 4’10” (180-235lbs)
Disclaimer: Always include your height, weight, ability level and a contact information and if we feel we may benefit by sizing you up or sizing you down we will call you or email you to discuss prior to the building your custom board.

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