E-Rocket Wake Surf



Wake Surf

The E-Rocket has a slightly narrower nose than the AK giving it a racy look and less nose to hang up in the lip it has a wider tail than the AK for more planing and speed driving area it has a deeper single concave with a double concave hidden inside it making it a triple concave bottom it has slightly more nose rocker than the AK with nose flip to help with landing aerials and slightly lower tail rocker for down the line speed the rails are soft in the nose and hard in the tail for quick maneuvers and forgiveness on hard lip turns the tail shape is sharp not round making the out line look like a rocket giving it the name E-ROCKET the deck has a rail channel for extra strength and grab air rail for air maneuvers. This design is similar to the AK but is different in many ways.

Comes Quad fin set up can be ridden Twin style or quad style. Quad axle deck glass for extra strength. Sizes 3’10” to 5’2″ best sizes 4’6″ and 4’8″. 4’6″ N15.30 W19 T17. Thickness1.87 V17.9L.


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