Ashley Kidd AK Model Wake Surf


Ashley Kidd AK Model

Wake Surf

The AK model was specifically designed for Ashley Kidd and her aggressive style of wake surfing she mixes ocean surf style with powerful wake surf maneuvers. Ashley and worked hard over the years to come up with this perfect design that fits her needs and has put her number one in the world multiple times. The AK has straight single concave with nose and tail rocker specifically for her style. Her forward soft rails are very forgiving on 360s and soft landing on Ariel maneuver. The rail is sharp and hard through the tail area giving the board lift and speed down the line and control on high-speed turns. Her nose and tail rocker and other features that we do to this design for Ashley are TOP SECRET even our fin placement has been dialed in for her style of surfing. It’s a great design to learn on very easy to ride but also don’t let it fool you it is a high-performance model. This design has been ridden around the world tested and proven over and over Ashley has been a huge part in this design over the years so it won’t let you down. If you want to push your wake surfing to the next level this is the design you. Great design to add to your wake surf board quiver. Watch some of Ashley Kidd’s videos and you’ll see how well this design works for her. All of Ashley Kidd’s AK designs are manufactured here in our surfboard factory in Florida. MADE IN THE USA

All AK model are ordered through Ashley Kidd herself if you would like to purchase one of her models go to her website and place your order with her or see what’s in stock that can be shipped out immediately. We do not shape or sell any of the Ashley Kidd model unless ashley sends us the order first. Then we put your custom order in production.

Sizes run from 3’10” to 5’2″ but can be custom ordered in any size if desired.

Best size: 4’6″ N15.81 W19 T16.80. Thickness 1.91 V18.5L.


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