At Erie surfboards, we utilize some of the best materials available on the market and made specifically for the surf and SUP industry. We are committed to producing the highest quality surfboards on the market and our goal is to give you a board that will last for years in the water and fits your level of surfing and experience. Erie’s 20+ years of surfing and shaping has given him the experience to design a board for all types of waves and riders. Everything is produced in-house, and from the start of the design to the final finish, each board is 100% made within our factory by our skillful manufacturing team.


Starting with the fundamentals of surfboard design, we use the latest in 3D/CAD software to create an accurate digital shape that can be reproduced and/or customized over and over. Simply put, no more hoping that next board will be the magic one or the same as the last.  We use this software on both our stock and custom boards, so every board starts out with perfect accuracy. Our board designs reflect years of experience from both Erie and continuous feedback from his team riders.

Integrated with the shaping software, our in-house 3DM CNC machine assures that all of our boards are cut quickly and with precision. From very simple flow to complex curves and concaves, our machine can handle all forms of design. From wakesurfers to paddleboards, we’ve got you covered in most any design, shape, and length.


Erie Surfboards produces both polyurethane and EPS boards. For poly, we exclusively use Southcoast Foam. For EPS, we use 1.5 or 2lb foam with both stringer and stringerless designs.


With a temperature controlled lamination room, we can assure that the correct conditions are set in place for optimal resin usage and correct curing times. With our top brand resins, Erie Surfboards uses high quality 4 and 6oz warp fiberglass cloth along with the latest in composite materials such as carbon fiber (cloth, tape, or skrim), kevlar, and texalium. We install both FCS and Future fin systems (glass-on fins also available). All boards are spray or gloss finished.