Our Team

Josh Nicastro

Production Manager - Erie Surfboards/WatersEdge SUP

A powerhouse surfer, Josh's natural ability to slash up most any wave he drops in on makes him a standout in both his free surfing and during contests. Erie's righthand man in the shop, Josh has picked up shaping boards in the factory. You'll also find him sanding and finishing boards too.

Amy Nicholl

East Coast Team Rider

Amy is our local girl that dominates most any contest she enters and holds multiple NSSA Interscholastic Nationals Womens trophies (among many others) to prove it. She has also held the position of NSSA Captain of the Year for the 2010-11 season as well as UCF Surf Team Captain.

Alex Brooks

East Coast Team Rider

Alex Brooks is one of upper east coast riders located in New Jersey. When not tearing up his home breaks, you'll find him often traveling to spots like Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico.

Brandon Fraley

East Coast Team Rider

Brandon lives in the barrel. Erie's first team rider when Brandon was 13 years old. Currently a fish captain on the gulf, Brandon has surfed all over the place.

Logan Hayes

East Coast Team Rider

Up and coming mehune ripper Logan Hayes has multiple ESA and NSSA Championships under his belt already at only 16 years old. Competing since he was 5, Logans donate his time between contests helping out with, "Surfers for Autism" teaching kids to surf.

Matt Pearce

East Coast Team Rider

Matt. The small wave specialist, this FL native rips better than your sister. Enough said.

Adam Ribakoff

Born and raised in Central Florida, Adam has been both surfing and in board manufacturing for 20+ years. If he isnt in the water, you'll most likely find him in front of a computer doing surfboard design or somewhere in the factory running boards off the machine, laminating, or sanding.